Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long Time...

Well, it's been a long time since I last posted, over 9 months. I have made great strides in that time, though. Lots of changes have been made. I have gotten rid of MOST everything we own. I have gone back to school, too. I have now completed two semesters. Monday starts the new semester (Summer). I am not currently at home, the kids and I have been staying at my mom's. Starting maybe Tuesday, the kids and I are going to be living back at the house, while dh lives elsewhere. It's a long story, but it's what's gonna have to be for now.

So, I have the house MOSTLY emptied, other than furniture. I need to get rid of even more though. I am not going to live in clutter anymore....not physical, mental, emotional, verbal, etc.

I will not rest until our home is completely uncluttered. In addition to this, I will have 18 hours of classes (in onlly 10 weeks, rather than the normal 16). The kids are almost out of it will be an interesting, BUSY summer. Wish me luck, and I hope to get back here starting Tuesday.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday Five

Friday Five--July 31, 2009

1. How often do you clean your home?
Daily. I have a list of chores for each room (and how often they are to be done). This week with VBS, though, I haven't kept up like I should. Today (8/1) starts a new month, and back to school at that, so I will get back to it in full force :)

2. What domestic chore do you hate?
Putting laundry away, and washing dishes. But, sadly, they both must be done.

3. What domestic chore do you enjoy?
Washing/drying the laundry and decluttering. I enjoy hanging laundry out on the clothesline, too.

4. Do you own a washing machine or go to the laundrette?
In my house, I'd be in a padded cell if we didn't have our own washer, lol. I got my first washer in 97 & have not been without one since!

5. Do you iron underpants and/or bed sheets?
I don't iron ANYthing!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Musical Bedrooms pt. 3

Here are some "During" photos of the new man cave.....and yes, it needs to be painted, dh's idea of painting is painting "around" furniture, and I can only do a little at a time.

This is the bunkbeds & his chest of drawers, tv/sat/wii. The bottom bunk is awaiting his new mattress that he is on the way NOW to pick up. So, all the things just waiting there on the bed need to be moved & put away.

This is his closet/cubby area. Those are the "other" deer heads (YUCK), his cabinet, on the shelf for now is the pieces to my new desk to be put together and his bows, in the closet are his uniforms & casual clothes & jacob's clothes. The closet floor is full of bags of winter clothes (which eventually will be put in bins and moved to the shed). The closet shelf has to be cleared of my stuff. Prob most of it will be freecycled.

This is dh's lounging area. It's his nightstand (with lamp & wax burner & charging dock) and the couch....yes and the dreaded deer head above.

This is the bunk bed & my cookbook bookshelf, this bookshelf is going to be moved back into the living room shortly. I need to reorganize it once I move it.

The bedroom is much too small to get better photos, or pictures of the floor.

As you can see I bothered my children a whole bunch by taking pics. What they don't know is I now have blackmail, lol.....only Jacob is supposed to be in there....haha.

Living Room redo pt. 1

Ok, the Bedroom Switcheroo ended up involving the whole house.

I ended up freecycling my large entertainment armoire, my dh's bed, the kids' corner armoire (that was holding nothing but their tv), and a trundle bed that we no longer use. So far, the entertainment armoire and dh's bed have been picked up. If the other 2 are not picked up today, tomorrow they go to goodwill.

The armoire that was no longer being used in the kitchen has been moved to the living room as an entertainment center. My small buffet (pending new pantry parts arriving) will be moved into the living room as a sewing center (but is not in here yet). I made room for my new sewing/scrapbook center by moving the loveseat into the man cave :) A comfy tv lounging area for dh was really the reason for that move....honestly!!! Ok, so you aren't even buying it, lol. Oh well, I do love that I will have ME space now :)

Ok, I am going to post some pics of my Living Room now that it is in total disarray. Brace yourselves...a lot of stuff is in bins waiting to be put back up, and my desk, well, yeah, well, ummmm, there's just no excuse for that. The whole reason for having an armoire, was to keep the doors shut, so no one would use it as a dumping ground, but as you see, they (dh & kids) have broke one of the doors, and the stuff they dumped has bred and well, you get the idea.

Oh, and I do have to rescue my cookbook bookshelf from the man cave. It was moved in there temporarily just to be able to get a few pieces of furniture through the doorway. And, I do need to finally finish painting my living room, so the whole thing will finally be balsam beige, rather than pepto bismol pink. I just have to do it a little at a time, since I am allergic to latex, and it is hard for me to breathe when I am painting, and a few days later.

Ok, this is the back wall leading into the man cave. There is my "bed" (the couch), some clothes needing to be put away, and several bins of stuff to be put away, my hope chest buried in stuff to be put away...yes that is a pot on the hope chest. I used it to pour water in the dogs' bowl outside and have not put it back away yet. At least my floor is mainly clean. That trash bag is a bag of clothes, and my chair is in front of my desk. That white shelf is going on top of the homeschool cubbies.

This is the wall leading to the front yard. That is my desk and my homeschool cubby, and yes BOTH are in MAJOR need of decluttering/organizing. I have no excuses!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5361981442650849170" />

This is the wall leading into the kitchen. It has the backpack station (white bin on top is the out the door bin for library books, dvd's to return, small freecycle items), then is my dvd/vcr and satellite, the red bin is supposed to be only for kids' school folders, but it has a little bit of overflow from the living room being torn apart and still in transition. the white laundry basket in the bottom is for shoes.....yes, I need to weed some out. It is only supposed to be for one pair for each of us, but the kids have taken advantage of my hospitality, lol. The armoire holds the tv & printer up top, the cabinet has hangers waiting to be used, the drawers hold the dvd collection.....hoping the drawers will prove tougher for Chey. She was opening the cabinets on the old entertainment armoire and dumping them, several times daily in the floor....much to Caity's frustration.

The last wall is sort of empty for now. That is my scrapbook stuff to the left and it needs to be reorganized. But once everything is put away, and I am able to liberate my small buffet from the kitchen, this is going to be my craft wall (scrapbook & sewing center). Yes that curtain rod is bent. This is where the loveseat was, and despite my best efforts, the kids kept taking the curtain from behind the loveseat and sitting on it, thus pulling on the rod.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Musical Bedrooms pt. 2 (today)

It has been decided that the bottom bunk (at least) of the white bunk beds will stay in dh's/jacob's new room. If there is enough room in the girls' room, the top bunk will move in there. I moved the loveseat into the "man cave" for dh to sleep on if the other bed fits in the girls' room, if it doesn't, he has the bottom bunk & jacob has the top bunk, but knowing him, he will fall asleep every night on the loveseat watching tv anyways.

**Footnote** dh is happier about the move now that we have:
1. found the remote to that bedroom's satellite
2. moved the loveseat in there in front of the tv
3. moved all his dead animals in there (deer heads)
4. named the room the "man cave"

The cabinet was moved into "the man cave".

Still have left to move:

* red bunk beds into girls' room
* crib to girls' room
* bins to the shed

Musical Bedrooms (did this last night) soon as I hit send yesterday, I made the decision (drumroll please.................)

I moved dh into the girls' small bedroom, and them into the Master Bedroom.

So far, I have:
* moved dh's mattress (kids' broke his frame), nightstand, tv, wii & chest of drawers in dh's new room
* moved girls' dressers (the 9 cube organizers), mattresses in master bedroom
* hooked up dh's tv, satellite & wii
* hooked up girls' tv & satellite
* moved kitchen armoire (not being used in there anymore once i get the parts to my kitchen pantry) to the living room to be used as an entertainment center
* moved dvd's from entertainment armoire to the new armoire (chey was able to get them all out every day from the old cabinet, hoping the drawers prove harder for her)
* moved old entertainment armoire to front yard & listed on freecycle
* listed trundle bed on freecycle

Still have left to move:
* bunk beds into girls' room
* crib to girls' room
* cabinet into dh's room
* bins to the shed

PS...DH was not crazy about the move...especially since I could not find the remote to the satellite in that bedroom

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My interruption in service.........changing to my Girls' Bedroom

Ok, my husband went to put the pantry together and had the wrong pieces (pt. 2). Well, since then, we have just been waiting around for the new pieces to arrive. So, until that magic moment when they arrive, I am going to (cringe) start work on my daughters' bedroom instead.

Recently I took everything out of my girls' room (ages 8, 5 1/2, 3 1/2) except their beds. They were not putting anything away.....despite the numerous different setups I had tried in getting their rooms decluttered, rearranged & reorganized. Every single week (Thursdays usually), I would get so frustrated by the mess, I would do another purge. Their toys got banished to the playhouse outside, they lost their tv privledges, their art supplies got taken to my small, already overcrowded office space. Their clothes got moved to the living room (and yes it drove me bonkers).

I recently put their clothes back in their room, but am beginning to have the same problem of them just throwing the clothes in the floor....even after "I" put them away. So, to solve this problem, I have taken their 9drawer cubby system (target with the fabric drawers) out of their dark closet, and moved it out into the bedroom, where they can see it again. AND, I have made it Caity's responsibility to put the clothes away. I have tried everyone putting their own clothes away, but Brea & Rory just did not care. They would take their clothes and toss them in the floor. I think Caity will be better at enforcing keeping the clothes put away than me, since she is now responsible for putting them away. She likes to do as little work as possible, lol, so she's not gonna want to keep putting the same clothes away over & over.

They have a bunk bed and I put the 3rd mattress under the bunk bed & it is pulled out every night (I am going to buy a trundle box for her bed). So, right now, the room is fairly empty. But I want to get their toys & art stuff back in there just not sure how to go about it yet.

So, I have a very small 13'X8' room for these 3 girls.....emptied it out of everything except their clothes.........and now..........I want to do the unthinkable..........and add a fourth girl to this room.....In a crib!!!

And, I am debating making my dh trade rooms with the girls, since his room is bigger.

LOL....I never can make things easy, can I???

Ok, so no pictures to post yet, I am going to think over the possibilities in my head about what I want to do. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE, feel free to share them with me!